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Thornton-le-Moor is a small village with a long history in the county of North Yorkshire. The village is situated half a mile off the A168, midway between Northallerton and Thirsk.

Thornton-le-Moor is a regular two-row village of brick built houses. An ancient reference to Thornton-le-Moor can be found in the Domesday book, when the village was known as Torentun.

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At a meeting of Thornton le Moor Show Society in January 1999, it was decided to commemorate the new millennium by a series of events and activities throughout the year 2000. Central to this theme was the production of a book which would reflect on the life and times of the village. Subsequently a group of residents have combined to produce a collection of photographs, facts, stories and thoughts, which together tell the story of Thornton le Moor.

“Everyone Had a Pig”

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